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Unique handcrafted household ornaments built out of old motorcycle parts and recycled metals.

Log Burners

Made to match any theme, design, shape or size

Who I am

My name is Neil Marshall.
I have always been interested and involved with motorbikes and have been riding them from an early age.
After spending my working career as a carpenter / builder, I have decided to put my talents into making truly unique products for the enjoyment of others.


What we do

At Unique Metalworks we strive to create stunning household ornaments out of old motorcycle parts, tools and recycled metal.

We also create a unique range of lights, both table and floor standing, log burners and memorial bespoke, individually hand-crafted pieces.
If you have old and unused but still loved tools, engines, motorbikes etc., we are able to personalise these items into memorial pieces.
This site gives and example of unique items. Should you wish to purchase any of these or have individual request please contact us as each item is unique and is difficult to make an exact replica.